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Customer and Channel Management Survey: Winning Where It Matters - A Focused Approach to Capturing Growth (2012)

Grocery Manufacturers Association, McKinsey & Company, and Nielson

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This report summarizes the findings of the 2012 Customer and Channel Management (CCM) Survey, providing an up-to-date perspective on the practices of topperforming CPG companies. Unlike other market surveys, this effort links companies’ financial performance and in-market results with self-reported business practices to identify winning practices.

The CCM Survey has a long history. In 1978, McKinsey began gathering data and performance benchmarks on the sales organizations of the leading CPG companies in the United States. In 2002, the Grocery Manufacturers Association partnered with McKinsey on the survey and enabled broad access to CPG industry players. Over time, the survey evolved to include a deeper focus on performance across a wider range of topics and was augmented with analytics from Nielsen. Nielsen’s in-market data were crucial to determining the winning practices in both the 2010 and 2012 surveys. This year, the survey features new modules on the Hispanic market, sales technology, and the “battle at the shelf.”

More than 50 companies, with close to $160 billion in US sales, participated in the 2012 survey. These players—in the food, beverage, personal-care, and home-care categories—represent a broad cross-section of the CPG industry. To ensure the accuracy of the data, the person accountable for each performance area completed the relevant part of the questionnaire. Approximately 220 CPG executives participated in the survey

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