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Industry Handbook for Safe Processing of Nuts

Grocery Manufacturers Association

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Foodborne illness due to Salmonella contamination of low-moisture foods including nuts continues to be a significant concern for the food industry. On a global level, a number of outbreaks associated with low-moisture products including nuts have been documented in the last several decades. In April 2009, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) launched an initiative to specifically assist the nut industry targeted at building upon the Salmonella guidance for low-moisture foods and developing a comprehensive handbook for peanut and tree nut shellers, hullers, processors and manufacturers.

As the Preventive Controls for Human Foods rule was taking shape, GMA decided to update the handbook to reflect current knowledge and the new regulations and collaborated with the Peanut and Tree Nut Processors Association. The second edition of this comprehensive manual includes nine chapters. It also includes 17 appendices and three addenda: Industry Handbook for the Safe Shelling of Peanuts (updated in 2015), Good Agricultural Practices for California Pistachio Growers, and Good Agricultural Practices for Almond Growers.

Each chapter in the Handbook provides detailed guidance in topics covering management responsibility, food safety plans, process validation, segregated hygiene area assessment and environmental monitoring, allergen control, other controls including prerequisite programs, and principles of equipment design.

A chapter on food defense is forthcoming.

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Product ID: SRA-2016-s
Publication Year: 2016
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