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Mitigation & Control of Salmonella in Dry Pasta

National Pasta Association

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Due to the number of foodborne illness outbreaks in recent years, the pasta industry is continually working to improve its processes to provide consumers with safe and wholesome products. The pasta industry has not been involved in any of these outbreaks and wants to be proactive for food safety. Salmonella is the primary pathogen of concern in dry pasta products.

This guidance document was prepared by the Technical Affairs Committee (TAC) of the National Pasta Association (NPA). The objective is to provide guidance to members of the US pasta industry for mitigating and controlling Salmonella in their facilities. These practices are recommended as an extension of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). NPA has identified a valuable reference in the 2009 report, Control of Salmonella in Low Moisture Foods, prepared by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

This document includes content copied and adapted from the GMA report that is used with GMA’s permission and, therefore, is not always directly cited or attributed. We recommend review of the GMA report as a complement to this document. This guidance follows the outline of the GMA report, providing the seven key elements of Salmonella control, and then sharing how these elements can be applied in the pasta industry. NPA has added an eighth element covering Good Practices for Training.

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