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This is a guidance document for the peanut shelling industry and provides examples of prerequisite and HACCP programs that can be used in ensuring the safe shelling of peanuts. The handbook is part of a broader nut industry initiative to provide food safety guidance for the supply chain and was developed using GMA’s Industry Handbook for the Safe Processing of Nuts and American Peanut Council’s Good Management Practices, 2009 as a foundation.

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Product #SRA-2016-sa1

The pistachio industry has historically focused on fungal contaminants, the associated mycotoxins, and chronic food safety risks. These revised Good Agricultural Practices will retain the earlier sections on aflatoxin risk while adding greater emphasis on managing the more acute microbial contamination risks.

Food safety risks in minimally processed dry products like almonds, pistachios, and peanuts are different from high moisture foods. Yet, there are still many similarities among crop production practices in different commodities and, thus, these guidelines incorporate aspects of microbial control found to be practicable and valuable in other crops.

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Product #SRA-2010-sa2

All food products are coming under increasing scrutiny by government agencies and consumer groups. With the fast growth of the California almond industry comes the increasing risk of contamination from various sources. Contamination control programs do not start and stop at the huller/sheller or handler. Prevention steps must begin at the farm. Current technologies cannot eliminate all potential food safety hazards; however, by utilizing Good Agricultural Practices you can minimize the risk of contamination.

This guide is designed to help you examine and improve your own growing practices and ensure that they meet the generally accepted standards of Good Agricultural Practices.

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Product #SRA-2010-sa3

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) developed a companion annex to the Salmonella Control Guidance. This extensive literature review covers the risk factors for and sources of Salmonella contamination, as well as survival and inactivation of Salmonella in low moisture food.

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Product #SRA-2009-c1
GMA Technical Guidance

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Salmonella Control Task Force developed this guidance to address the control of Salmonella when manufacturing low-moisture foods. The guidance is applicable to various products that include, but are not limited to, peanut butter, cereals, dry protein products, confections, snacks, spices, animal feeds, pet foods and pet treats. Depending on the susceptibility of the product to Salmonella contamination, all or selected practices described in this guidance may be applied. The guidance outlines best-practices in various topics including hygienic design, hygienic practices, verification and validation.

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Product #SRA-2009-c
FSMA Final Rules Webinar Series

This 90-minute webinar, brought to you by GMA and Hogan Lovells, breaks down the final Preventive Controls rules for both human and animal food into an easy-to-understand digest while offering unique insight on the implications for your operation.

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Product #SRA-2015-f1
HACCP Manual, 5th Edition

This popular instructional and resource manual builds on the knowledge and practical teachings used by the industry to teach and implement HACCP. Featuring new advances in food science and regulatory references from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), this text is a must for HACCP-related food safety management.

Check out our Online HACCP Training created in partnership with Vivid Learning Systems. Mention your GMA membership for a discounted rate!

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Product #SRA-2014-h
HACCP manual, 4th edition spanish cover

The 4th edition of this highly successful manual is designed to assist in the development of a HACCP plan to meet a company's needs and comply with applicable U.S. regulations for meat, poultry, seafood and juice. Available in Spanish.

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Product #SRA-2008-hs
HACCP Slides, 4th Ed. (English)

This slide set, available for direct download, containing 15 PowerPoint presentations, highlights the main concepts covered in HACCP: A Systematic Approach to Food Safety, 4th edition. An excellent training aid for anyone teaching HACCP workshops. 4th edition

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Product #SRA-2006-ht

NEW! The second edition of this handbook has been designed as a tool chest of guidance material for all of the nut industry to utilize in developing stronger food safety measures and programs relevant to their sector of the business. A cross section of the nut growing, shelling and processing industry has been involved in development of the handbook, which promotes understanding of the role each segment plays in nut safety.

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Product #SRA-2016-s
GMA Webinar Series

In this webinar, listeners hear from a panel of industry experts who worked on the document as they:

- Identify the highlights of what's changed in the handbook since the passage of the Preventive Controls for Human Food Final Rule
- Synthesize key sections of the handbook into an easy-to-digest format
- Discuss how to conduct a Food Safety Plan, Validation Programs, and Supplier Programs in compliance with FSMA

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Product #SRA-2016-s2
validation guidelines for automated control cover

The 2nd Edition of Validation Guidelines for Automated Control of Food Processing Systems Used for the Processing and Packaging of Preserved Foods (also recognized as Bulletin 43-L) is a collaborative effort between GMA members and the National Center for Food Safety and Technology (NCFST).

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Product #SRA-2002-vg

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